My name is Lee Ann Sanders.  From the very first time that I saw the ocean and was able to walk in the waves, I was hooked.  I love the sound, the smell, the feel of the ocean.  I spent many summers on the shores of the Outer Banks, playing in the waves, hunting for shells and building forts in the sand.  As I grew older, I moved farther and farther away from the sea, my visits fewer. Now I live about as far as one can get from the ocean in South Dakota.  


Several years ago, my family and I vacationed in the Florida Keys.  We were captivated by the caribbean blue waters, the abundance of wildlife and the stunning beauty of the coral reef.  We decided to make it our home away from home and return often throughout the year to experience its wonders.

As a result, I was inspired to create pieces that reflect the beauty, the colors and the creatures of the ocean.  Some are playful with lots of bright colors.  Some are calm and subdued.  Others are dark and earthy with materials found deep in the earth and sea.  In each of them, I seek to reflect the many moods of the environment that I love.